Providing recording and rehearsal space to musicians throughout the area. We can help with any of your recording needs. Here artists can easily record their music and songs to share them with people.


Mixing is the process of combining the different sonic elements of recorded music—such as vocals, instruments, and effects—into a final version, and our recording studios are specifically designed to reveal the most intimate sonic details.


The process of creating a new piece of music. The most important step, when everything begins.

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Mikołaj Wiśniewski
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Shortly About Us

This is a creative space with even more of the talented engineering and state-of-the-art equipment for which we’ve been known since the very beginning.

Our Recording Studio is a truly full-service recording and production facility. We try our best to provide our clients with an exceptional full service experience, including helping you customize your stay with our housing partners, locate and hire musicians and producers for your project, and providing concierge services to help you enjoy all that recording studio has to offer during your time here.

Music production